Referral Program for Teachers

We welcome teachers and faculty members who have already participated in our program to share their excellent experiences with their counterparts in other schools and colleges and get rewarded for it.

Our educational outreach programs such as global study tours and global industry visits are led by teachers and professors who formulate the learning outcomes and organizes programs. They along with the heads of institutions make a lot of efforts to understand the programs in the educational context and the safety aspects of students. They in turn promotes program to students and provides pre-travel information, resources, and support, and accompanies the group on the study tour.  While on the study tour or industry visits, these leaders provide the educational and organizational leadership for the group in cooperation with Learning Trails.  These faculty members also provide a variety of resources to help the students to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Depending on the size of the student group, the outreach program may have more than one accompanying faculty, usually working together as a team, cooperating with Learning Trails to help students. So the teachers and faculty members who participate in our programs are the right people who could help other institutions to take up these programs by sharing their exciting experiences and refer our programs.

Here is how you could help as a teacher

  • We know you have a say when it comes to refer to choose the educational travel programs and refer our programs in your network of teachers from other schools and colleges
  • Tell them about our features and your experiences about this unique program which is simple and most flexible to accommodate the preferences of the participating schools/colleges and students.
  • Choose your rewards and enjoy free travel and more while giving everyone the absolute enjoyment.

Rewards for teachers

  • Secure a free trip to accompany the group which you have referred and have the opportunity to travel to a foreign country again.
  • Earn cash rewards, if you decide you don’t need many chaperones
  • Get a discount on the Tour Fee of any family members or colleagues who accompany you on the trip.
  • Opportunity to attend International Educational event.  As your referral builds up with more student groups and schools, you get the chance to explore fabulous places to participate in global conventions in the educational domain.

Please contact our Program Manager for more details!