"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." Augustine of Hippo

At Learning Trails, we believe that the future of the world is within the hearts, minds and thoughts of the young people. By instilling a sense of cross cultural understanding, tolerance, compassion and responsibility in them, the future will become much brighter for all of us. Global study tours are a big pathway to global education, and we are happy to help students in this.

Global Study Tours are designed for School students across the world to gain international travel experience with specific learning goals.  The learning goals of each study tour vary according to the learning requirements of the schools and students.  Global Study Tours emphasize experiential learning and offer both group and self-directed activities that enable students to explore different countries, cultures, and people.

We have put together an array of programs that serve a full spectrum range of personal interests, preferences and career choices to let them enjoy an unforgettable educational trip instead of just taking photos with the landmark or scenery.

Global Study Tours are designed to be both fun and educational.  We encourage students to enjoy the local cuisine, socialize freely, and arrange for local recreational and cultural activities of the countries that we visit.  This is to foster global awareness and cultural understanding among participating students. These experiences enable students to develop life skills that are useful in multicultural environments and provide students with opportunities to develop lifelong, enjoyable memories and a love of travel and adventure.

Program Overview

  • International study tours are a unique opportunity for students to combine overseas travel and cultural experience
  • This includes going on visits to factories, attending training at an overseas university, interacting with students of schools and joining in cultural programmes and visiting beautiful places.
  • The entire tour is certified by Institute of Professional Development- Open University Malaysia .

Benefits to the Students

  • A unique opportunity to visit two Foreign Countries.
  • See different kinds of people and understand their culture.
  • Visit schools and colleges in progressive countries.
  • Interaction with foreign students and teachers.
  • Visit Industries & Ports.
  • Visit Chocolate factories!!
  • Enhance knowledge and have tons of fun all through the way!!


  • Introduce students to a different world view, and give them special insight into some of the most vibrant and dynamic societies in the world.
  • Learn how foreign schools are accommodating cultural diversity.
  • To build students understanding of a foreign education system and to develop network of friends in a foreign country and come back brimming with new ideas.
  • Go beyond the textbooks and classroom resources to discover a new country.
  • Help students to formulate career focus by exploring various industries and universities in foreign countries.


Institute of Professional Development- Open University Malaysia (IPD-OUM) will conduct training programs for the students and certify the entire International Study Tour. Each student will receive an international certificate for his/her participation of the International Study Tour.

Our Services

  • Airport pick up and drop and local transport and bus rentals for visits
  • Accommodation
  • Meals on all days according to the preferences of the school and students.
  • Accompanying staff and trained guide for coordination throughout the program.
  • Medical & personal accident insurance.

Requirements of participating students and teachers

  • A valid passport with minimum validity of 6 months
  • Visa for the country to be visited – Your school will help the student to get one based on our invitation letter once you have your passport
  • Pay for the cost of the tour.
  • Some pocket money to pay for -
    a)Entry fee for attractions/tourist centres
    b)Personal purchases if any.

Safety and Operating Standards

The safety of our students is our top priority and our rules and guidelines ensure safety in our programs and are in accordance with the law of the hosting country, the specific circumstances of each destination and ages of the students. The accommodation provided to students at hotels or university hostels are supervised by staff representatives and our team. The students are free to choose their own activities and we ensure that they understand the concepts of risk awareness, assessment and management, so that they can learn to remain safe while enjoying our programs in full. We ensure that all students are covered with medical, accident and travel insurance before they start the program.

Global Study Tours provide learning opportunities in the form of structured and unstructured scenarios and provide students with authentic, in-context learning experiences that offer the potential for integrative cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual development. Our programs provide transformative international experiences that are redefining what it means to see the world, for teachers and students.

Once you are back in your home country/college, please don't forget to share your amazing experiences abroad with us and the rest of the world by posting on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and many more..
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