"The only source of knowledge is experience." Albert Einstein

As the world slowly expands into a global and economic business network, our Internship Program offers Indian University students and young professionals an opportunity to gain practical knowledge in their specific career field in an overseas company.

Our global internships are carefully monitored work or service experience in which an individual has an intentional “learning agenda” and reflects actively on what he or she is learning throughout the experience. Internships can be paid or unpaid and can earn academic credit or not.

Internship programs are developed by firms to introduce students to their organisation and operations. Interns get an inside view of the various career paths available in such firms. Firms often view internships as a recruitment tool to attract new employees, and they structure internship programs similarly to their training for entry-level managers. Internships can include training sessions, management meetings, on-the-job responsibilities, and assignments.

The intended outcomes of the internships include increased bridging between students, potential employers, industry bodies and other stakeholders in facilitating the transition of international students into the local labour market

The primary purpose of an internship program is education. Generally, internships that are project-based are most successful. A single project can last for the duration of the internship or an intern can complete several projects in a variety of areas. It is important to help students understand how their work fits into the big picture of any organisation

Duration of internship

Duration of internship varies from 3 months to 12 months depending upon the laws of the respective countries and the requirements by the host company. These also depends on the intern’s course of study and career development objectives. Participation in the internship improves the intern's understanding of global business practises and methodologies as well as enables the Indian visitor to gain valuable insight into multicultural working environment.


  • Candidates must be above the age of 18 years; a full-time University student. A recent graduate or a young professional 
  • Submit a completed application form and supporting documents including the Learning and Training Plan Agreement
  • Submit proof of either intermediate or advanced English Language ability.

Advantages of participation in a global internship

The process of travelling abroad and staying there for a short term is an educative experience and imparts an in-depth practical training in inter-cultural learning. The candidates develop tremendous self-confidence; acquire new skills, new contacts and friends.

Our Global Internship Program helps participants to acquire a better understanding about global business practices and their culture. It also facilitates a process of self-discovery. Our international partner network has the infrastructure and an excellent group of people and organisations across the world. It is up to the participant to make use of every opportunity and make his/her stay overseas a unique and personal experience. The program is essentially a cultural and educational youth exchange program that provides you with an opportunity to study/work/travel in a foreign country.

Young people who have participated in such programs have found success in their career and professional life. Should you avail of this opportunity, success and joy will abound in all your future endeavours

Visa Status

Our International Partners are designated by the respective governments and regulatory agencies to sponsor Exchange Visitor Program under the ‘Trainee’ category. Different countries support this with specific type of visa such as J1 visa for USA, Special Program 416 visa for Australia and so on.

Placement Regions/Communities

An applicant may request a specific region or community in which he/she would like to be placed. Since our priority is to match the applicant's skills based on availability of a business, we cannot guarantee the applicant's requested region/community.


Our partners arrange home stays for the visiting interns in most of the places. If the intern selects the independent accommodation option, we will provide suggestions and assistance in locating an apartment or alternative boarding. In which case, the intern is responsible for securing and paying for his/her own accommodations.

As the world slowly expands into a global and economic business network, our Internship Training Program offers Indian University students and young professionals the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in their specific career fields in organizations across the world.

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