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Learning Trails – Profile

Learning Trails is a leading service provider in global education offering academic pathways and experiential outreach programs conducted across the world. The world is growing ever closer together and learning with global perspective has become a vital aspect of career development. The range of programs promoted by Learning Trails facilitates empowerment of youth through skill enhancement and international cross cultural exposure and breaks the barriers of culture and language. Our programs include global study tours & industry visits, nature trails & wellness trails and professional training programs in collaboration with institutions, industries and authentic health centres in many countries.

Our professional training programs in India and outreach programs in Malaysia are validated and certified by Institute of Professional Development – Open University Malaysia (IPD-OUM) .Open University Malaysia (OUM) is owned by a consortium of eleven Public Universities in Malaysia and is a recipient of the Award of Excellence for Institutional Achievement from the Commonwealth of Learning (COL). The professional training programs that are offered by IPD-OUM facilitate life-long learning to participants from institutions and industries in Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Ghana, Maldives, Singapore, Bahrain and various other countries.

We create trails of learning that enable students to experience their first overseas travel experience and to develop life skills that are useful in multicultural environments and provide lifelong, enjoyable memories and a love of travel and adventure. Our programs aim to provide exposure to students who will gain knowledge and first-hand opportunity to visit industries, universities, manufacturing units, sea port and airport in progressive economies like China, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia. The safety of our students is our top priority and our rules and guidelines ensure utmost safety in accordance with the law of the hosting country.

Our Vision

To Empower young people across the world through skill enhancement with international cross cultural exposure and to be the most valued provider of educational outreach programs linking the world through learning and exploration.

Our Mission

We acknowledge the importance of global interdependence and have committed ourselves to break barriers of culture and language and building bridges among the young people of the world through the medium of global educational outreach programs and to inspire them to find their own potential and passion of career objectives and make them competent to play bigger roles on the international arena. We are happy to cooperate with all other organizations across the globe which shares our views and purpose.

Social Responsibility Objectives

We are committed to our ethical responsibility to the social, educational and business environments in which we operate. These activities are not performed in order to comply with any specific obligation, rather to "serve" to deserving causes within our sphere of influence.

  • Working together for promoting and maintaining peaceful relations between young people, groups, and institutions - transcending divisions without distinction of caste, race, nationality, faith, sex, colour or status.
  • Mediating and facilitating international co-operation for sharing intellectual, educational and cultural resources to develop conflict resolution among young people and to promote peace globally
  • Encouraging and facilitating interactions between cultures and young people for understanding and    co-operation for a better life and a better world for all.
  • We wish to address young people all over the world inviting them to meet and exchange ideas and information towards building a culture of peace.

Relevance of Outreach Programs in Education

The exchange and movement of people is not a new concept. From ancient to modern times, it has played a significant role in the shaping of history. The wish to explore has driven humankind to search constantly-to drive ahead into the unknown. The boardrooms of corporations are today populated by professionals who have had international experience. Many countries are moving to open borders, and young people across the world are called on to have skills, attitudes and values that can only be found through an international travel and exchange experience. Global outreach programs have real power in shaping individuals and society and have taken a place in the curricula of mainstream education providers across the world.

The most popular programs among educational outreach practised are global study tours, industrial visits, language school programmes, long and short stay university exchange programmes, work abroad and internship programmes, au pair and special study group tours conducted across various countries.

Educational outreach programs to a foreign country helps young people from across the globe building peaceful co-existence for the commitment to international understanding and co-operation. The educational exchange programs continued to expand and improve its ability to build bridges among the cultures of the world through communities, schools and young and serves to erase the differences that divide each other.

Our Programs

Global Study Tours: These are offered to school and college students, in order to set a clear path to their future with the knowledge, experience and skills to become effective leaders in the global community More....

Global Industry Visit: Engineering and Management students benefit from this program and learn about businesses and industries in progressive countries. This helps the students in shaping their careers and understands opportunities in the global job market. More...

Nature Trails and Family vacations in Kerala: Learning Trails is promoted by a family of professional members scattered all over the globe. Eventually, we began a tradition where every reunion is accompanied by a vacation. So far, we’ve camped in forests, holidayed in bungalows, and accumulated many memories worth keeping. And now, we want to help other families do the same.. More...

Professional Training Programs: We have put together an array of programs that serve a full spectrum range of personal interests, preferences and career choices and offer a highly rewarding learning experience. More...

Our team is passionate about designing, organizing and delivering Global Study Tours and Global industry visits for students worldwide using our knowledge, experience, skills and network. The social and cultural parts of Global Study Tours helps students a safe and out of the box learning. We are committed to promote knowledge sharing, friendship and understanding among people of different cultures. We strive to assist the young people to become more learned in global awareness.

Our Logo explained

  • The path between L and T in the image of the logo depicts the “trails of Learning” in a global context.
  • The image in the logo also depicts a book of knowledge and wisdom and the blue part denotes the sky & sea whereas the green denotes environment and nature
  • Green is the color of life, renewal, nature, and, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, safety & environment.
  • Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is associated with depth and stability. It also symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence and truth.
  • We welcome students to join us and experience the world in the fun filled trails of learning!